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Welcome to german-equestrian-products. We are four innovative German companies dedicated to the manufacture of equestrian products. Exclusively made in Germany, our products provide our customers with a high level of safety for riders and horses combined with outstanding quality and reliability.










We are EQUUS DESIGN PRODUCTS - Dedicated to your success

We are pleased to present ourselves as specialists in equestrian facilities and estates – a dynamic company for dynamic customers. Our core competence is the architectural planning, engineering and realization of equestrian riding and stud farm facilities for customers all over the world. Horse-friendly, future-orientated design and economic efficiency are the key attributes of our products.

These priorities form the basis for the interaction of all important details, functions and processes in all our projects. Whether you contact us for a horse solarium, a riding mirror or an arena kickboard – you are in the focus of our attention every time we work for you. We listen to your ideas and find unique ways to make them come true. This is our dedication to your success.

Careful planning for your horses’ well-being

Your horses require optimal facilities and training conditions to feel well. Our planning is based on experience in equestrian sports, horse breeding and horse keeping as well as on the knowledge of what it takes to run a successful equestrian business.

Warendorfer Horse Solaria

The strictly modular design of the WARENDORFER horse solarium ensures their perfect adaptation to local installation criteria, specific demands and budgets. Optional expansion and upgrading of existing systems can be realized at any later date.

Arena Kickboards

Designed with safety in mind: the exclusive shape of our kickboards gives your indoor arena an elegant appearance. The curved elements are extremely shock-resistant and easy to install with no substructure required.

DIAMOND SYSTEM® Riding Mirrors

Only the best quality and the specific features of advanced, high-grade materials can satisfy the demands of today’s discerning riders. DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding mirrors are the best available – for uncompromising safety.

Rampelmann & Spliethoff OHG


Established in 1967, RAMPELMANN & SPLIETHOFF specialise in equine arena maintenance equipment. Sold under their registered trademark PLATZ-MAX, the product range covers various surface configurations on riding areas and race courses. Designed in cooperation with arena builders, always close to the market, PLATZ-MAX equipment satisfies international demands.

Our products proved their quality during the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000, Beijing 2008, London 2012, and are exported to over 60 countries. With more than 100 employees, we are an innovative company and a premium partner to the German Olympic Committee for Equestrian Sports, DOKR in Warendorf.


The PLATZ-MAX NL series is our most successful one. Customers rely on our equipment not only during the Summer Olympics but in thousands of equestrian facilities worldwide. Different versions are available to suit different ground conditions.


PLATZ-MAX MULTI won the innovation price at Equitana 2013. The shooting star in the PLATZ-MAX range can be used without restrictions, on pure sand as well as on geo-textile surfaces. 


The mobile irrigation system with 400 – 2.000 litres water capacity, combines the irrigation and levelling of riding areas in a single work step, inside and out.


PLATZ-MAX TURF – almost every race course in Germany has one. Available in working widths between 2.20 and 5.50 metres, the device offers a fast and inexpensive way to maintain the courses several times a day.

Kraft Horse Walker

We are Kraft Horse Walker - The fitness specialists

Movement has been a key issue for us for many years. As specialists in horse walker systems, we rank among the leading manufacturers worldwide. Our products are used in over 50 countries, on all continents. 

Excellence in quality and features is our philosophy. Innovation is what drives us forward. Safe and horse-friendly training is the result of our work. Healthy and vital horses are our goal. Kraft ... keeps your horses fit!

Water Horse Walkers

The combination of a walker and a treading pool forms the basis for the water horse walker. A highly effective filter system ensures excellent water quality. The horses do not swim but tread water, so they have contact to the ground at all times. Just like with Kneipp treatments used in human medicine, the horse’s total musculoskeletal system is exercised and trained in an optimal way.

Ceiling-Mounted Horse Walkers

The central driving unit which holds the rotating arms and the suspended gates is mounted to the ceiling. Ceiling-mounted horse walkers offer a spacious interior which is ideal for lunging purposes. The roofing allows for year-round use of the lunging pen and walker.

Ground-Standind Horse Walkers

The central driving unit which holds the rotating arms and the suspended separation gates stands on the ground. This simple and robust construction principle is suitable for smaller and bigger installations alike. The horse walker can be built with or without partial roofing.

Rail-Gliding Horse Walkers

The rolling mechanism with the separation gates suspended from it is driven by a gliding rail. This construction principle allows the walker to be manufactured to any size. The space inside the track is free for use as a storage or riding area. The horse walker can be fitted with a partial or complete roof, or installed into an existing building.

Bacher Group


Bacher Products is a family-owned and run business with 30 years of experience in the arena construction business.

We manufacture the additives to be mixed with the sand for the production of top-quality arena footings.

Arena Footing

Sand, geo-textiles, fibres and PVC mats, when processed properly, add up to an equestrian surface of premium quality.

Arena Base Mats

PVC mats prevent mixing of the layers and keep the arena footing in place.

Textile Arena Footing

UV-resistant polyester flakes – fresh from the production line.

First Class Surface

World-class equestrian surface consisting of quartz sand, polyester flakes and fibres.


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